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Hi There! Young Woman of Nashville lend us your ear! Lets Talk Girl Talk! I made this Blog to talk about being a "Young Woman" in Nashville. I will talk about the Ups & Downs of living in music city, Music, The Music Industry, Relationships, Staying Strong, Standing on your own two feet, Guys, Girls, Determination, Being YOU & going for what you believe in. I will have a guest speaker occasionally! You can tune in and watch their video! It will range from a Musician to a Artist to someone on the street or friend! I am hoping this will catch on to all you girls out there and make this an on going blog & event!! I would also like to hear from our readers! Please comment the blogs on what you would like to hear about! What do you want to know?? Please continue to follow - NAKED IN NASHVILLE - as it grows in this city along with you!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

so its 1:47 & HA! who knew, i can't sleep.

soooooo, my mama is in town till Sunday!!!
she's in bed, i couldn't sleep. I've been working on this killer song for a week.
eeeek, that rhymes. lol there she is, the woman who made, makes me believe in myself!

sooooo, can i give you girls some advice....?
I realized tonight & its hard sometimes. Life. Love. Happiness. ( so generic i know... )
I know I'm young & haven't been through as much as some people, but I'm still strong, wise & want to help others... well so i believe i am. dating... i don't get caught up in it very easily. i don't do alot of it. good men dont come around very often. im gonna get heart felt for a second lol get use to it!
my mother tried to set me up tonight.... jeeze one night out and she's after the first guy she meets for me. lol
thanks mom... but it cant go that way....  i moved here out of a 5 year relationship, i gave everything, every part of me to him and received little back. its sad because he was, is a good hearted human being just not the "right" one for me. i have met knew good guys here in Nashville, but none that have stuck to me. ya know? stuck... like really have been overly gracious, nice, wel-manored, i don't have a check list - but not a one that i can say id take home to the family. i have never been out on a date. not even with my ex serious boyfriend. so this past saint patty's i went on my first date. I've had a crush on this guy since i moved to Nashville 8 months ago. "I" finally got the nerve up to hangout with him, waited a few days played it cool, then surprisingly he texted me. ( hold up... texted... he should have called like a man. i didn't mind the text though ) lol ;) then he asked me out for Saint Patty's day. i was all excited. it was a nice day/night. this was around a 21 hour date. now he... picked me up, opened the car door, kisses, dancing, drinks, food... the whole nine yards... OK sooo date was over. i played it cool. i had a crush. didn't text didn't call... wanted to do it the "right way" since i really like him. almost a week & a half goes by & no call, no text, no nothing from him. I'm thinking... jeeze what went wrong. we had a such a nice night... lets get this straight now, i am not bashing, nor will ever bash anyone... no bad talk, this is not what this is! he is a human being too. but guys come on... if your going to put so much effort into someone, then not do anything to follow up, why start? get our hopes up to get to know you then drop us like we're going outta style. like oh here's one, if i don't like her ill throw her out and on to the next one. sorry honey, that's not how it works. well it shouldn't work that way. I'm a good, nice girl, with good intentions. I'm not some crazy phyco, obsessed fan, nor am i a wackadoodle. girls out there, you agree? we're just good girls, no strings, drama or craziness attached and you guys out there are missing our goodness... :) while trying to get with ms. easy britches. i made him breakfast for pete sake.
we agreed to be friends and the rest will be history. because i am a "human" being, a good girl who does see outside of the box when it comes to this stuff. also girls, if you really like the guy, take it slow... i should've listened to myself. maybe things would have turned out differently... i do kick myself. don't rush, even if you like the guy. no one nights. no over doing it. no too many kisses. lead him on a little. make him want to figure you out more... make him work for a change. well, next time, think like you, not like what a guy or one of your girl friends would do. do you. its a bumming feeling i know. i can give great advice to my girl friends or be my best guy friends wing chick but when it comes to dating advice for myself its awful, i drive my friends crazy because I'm so bad at it. from now on, I'm just going with the flow, with my head where it needs to be and my goals set in the right direction. if its right, you wont have to over analyze, over think, over do, it will just come naturally. even though i thought it did. but besides the point! do you. and guys why start if your not going to follow through...?

so girls... all I'm saying is, watch out for your selves... your strong, independent, bright, young, the world get ready for us, woman and these butt heads, although they may be cute, aren't ready for us... their loss, but its their choice. so don't get down. be positive. he's out there, if your looking for Mr. right, but in the mean time if you focus on your goal of why you moved to this town, once your settled with yourself... he'll most likely pop up with a big ol' smile on his face just when you need him!! hmmmm... yeah. life isn't about finding a sole mate. its about finding your best friend.

goodnight girls. keep up the good work!

Naked In Nashville or Bust Everyone!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slackerrrrrrr! :)

good afternoon lovely, wonderful Nashville!
you sure do seem to be brighter today!
thank you we need the sunshine!

so i know, its  been a while since i last blogged and updated..
please, I'm as busy as you all are :) lol
i apologize! we have a knew look & knew sound in a way.
revamped & have a knew member, Ms. Tiffany McDonald!
tonight will be our first night working together... which i am looking forward to girl!

So, Tonight - if you have not been out to Bourbon Street on Printers Alley
for CLAY EVANS & FRIENDS... you need to start coming and tonight
should be the night you start!!

See you all tonight, it'd be bad for you to miss out...

&& look everyones getting NAKED!
check out my Friend Michael's Band for a Download of their new song " NAKED "

Naked In Nashville or Bust Everyone!

Monday, February 28, 2011

hi everyone!!

mannnnn.... Nashville really? this weather? what is going on...
Sorry I haven't updated all weekend... didn't get out much...
BUT tonight, I will be going to The Red Rooster @ 6pm for  -
Then making my way over to the Rutledge to see Kimberly Quinn @ 8pm to 
see her Rock Every ones Faces OFF!  
I will be interviewing Kimberly after the show!!

Kimberly Quinn

So how is everyone today? even though its yucky...
Anything exciting happen over the weekend for ya!? See a good show!?
I wanna hear about it!
Please add yourselves to our friends so we can keep in touch with you!
We want to get as big of a fan base as possible!!
well, got my coffee. gonna go do my part and go do some writing!!
Hope  everyone has a good day, on this rainy day : )

Naked In Nashville or Bust Everyone!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

2/24/2011 3rd & Lindsley

Good Afternoon everyone!!
Our FIRST artist interview went soooooo perfect last night!
Thank you Jessica Breanne, you where wonderful!
& lets all congratulate Jessica Breanne on winning BATTLE ON THIRD!!
If you where not there last night you missed a killer show!
So watch Our interview with Jessica and see what she has to say...

keep up with Jessica Breanne & the Electric Hearts - http://www.myspace.com/jessicabreannemusic

Also, we talked to the runner up, Jeffrey James!
He was nice enough to talk with us!
Great guy, Great voice, keep an eye out for him!!
Not everything in Nashville is Country...

We are STOKED about the future of Naked In Nashville!
Look forward to hearing your feed back on our first Artists!

Naked In Nashville or Bust everyone!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

good afternoon!

Hi everyone! Quinn here...

So, this is our second post!! I'm a dork. & this is exciting.
Even though its extremely yucky outside, there are things to be done!
Looking forward to our first interview tonight with Jessica Breanne & The Electric Hearts @ 3rd & Lindsley!
Should be interesting! The Show tonight is like a battle of the bands. Renee & I will be there at 8:30 to get a good seat!! Come out and support these wonderful artists!! Its gonna be a good show!

Words of advice...
If you can, stay in bed and write all day under a comfy blanket!

Naked in Nashville or Bust everyone!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Nashville!

Hello Nashville!
Let us introduce ourselves!
We are Quinn Boss & Renee Horton.

Just like most of the young woman here in music city,
we are in Nashville trying to pursue our dreams of this crazy industry, we like to call ENTERTAINMENT! 
As young, independent, strong, go get 'er women, we want to show other young women how possible anything can be as long as you set your mind & soul too it! We will be blogging about life experiences while living in Music City! We will talk about Music, The Industry, Friends, Relationstips, Family, the ups & downs of being in Nashville. We have a huge list of Artists, Singers, Songwriters, Dancers, Actors, Actresses & your everyday girl next door, that we will be interviewing. We want to use this blog to encourage young women to believe in themselves & to be YOU. No one can stop YOU when YOU know what YOU want! We are all Vulnerable to this town. We want to give advice on every topic that comes up in this crazy Nashville life. We want YOU to tell us what You want to hear, ask us questions, tell us who you want to see interviewed!  We look forward to getting to know y'all!! Take it all in girls, this is OUR journey!


Naked in Nashville or Bust everyone!